Scorpio Arm

Fahraufnahmen mit dem Scorpio Arm auf unserem Mercedes ML63

Scorpio Arm

State of the Art

Scorpio Arm

„State of the art“ in the matter of camera cars

Powered by a 510 Horsepower V8 AMG engine and equipped with one of the most advanced crane systems in the world, this system leaves nothing to be desired. The crane and camera movements can be controlled from the inside of the car. Due to the low center of gravity the scorpio arm enables – even at high speeds – dynamic, incredible stable and safe pictures a lot better than comparable systems. Thereby it provides the highest safety for all team members.


  • Gyro stabilization in the TILT axis
  • Mercedes ML63 with 510 HP (AMG)
  • Waterproof
  • Limits, speed and damping control are available from the control desk
  • Controlled from joystick situated inside the car
  • Send the position of each axis constantly like a Motion Capture
  • Record and repeat all movements of each axis like a Motion Control
  • Go to a fixed position with switch for safety purpouses
  • PAN and TILT motors are the same
  • Powered by 36V batteries
  • PAN speed: 5.5 s/rev
  • Maximum Payload: 70kg (154 lbs)
  • Max. Weight with maximum payload and standard configuration (12’): 365kg (805 lbs)
  • Total weight without payload and counterweight (12’): 175kg (385 lbs)

Mounted on a Mercedes ML 63 AMG the camera arm ( extensible to 7,90 meters) is fitted with a stabilized head and allows space for cameras up to 35 kg.

The Scorpio Arm is controlled from within the car and allows the team (comprising the driver, arm operator, camera operator and camera assistant) to plan and communicate between themselves and with the camera car driver over wireless communication systems. Image monitoring is enabled on 5 high resolution monitors (HD and SDI). With its digital control that allows pre-recorded positions, set limits and movement memorizing programs, the Scorpio Arm is the most technologically advanced car-mounted arm of its kind.

Available different arm configurations:

  • 3,6 mtr. (12`)
  • 4,3 mtr. (14`)
  • 5,6 mtr. (18`5“)

Our official Scorpio Arm Trailer