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Fahraufnahmen mit dem Scorpio Arm auf unserem Mercedes ML63

Scorpio Arm

Our scorpio arm is „State of the art“ in the matter of camera cars. Powered by a 510 Horsepower V8 AMG engine and equipped with one of the most advanced crane systems in the world, this system leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Gyro stabilization in the TILT axis
  • Mercedes ML63 with 510 PS (AMG)
Scorpio Arm
E-CineCar: Fahraufnahmen mit dem elektrischen Kamerawagen


The E-CineCar is a electrical camcar with 80 km/h (50 mph) maximum speed and has an official approval for road service.

  • Official approval for road service
  • 0% CO²-emission
  • Minimal audible engine noise
Fahraufnahmen für die Filmproduktion mit dem Kamerawagen F250 von Ford

F250 Camcar

  • V8 Diesel, 237 PS (174 kW)
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Rockinger trailer hitch
F250 Camcar

CineCars – Professional Camcar tracking shots

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Für Fahraufnahmen und dne Transport, unser vollhydraulischer Filmtrailer

Low Loader

Our Low Loader with 180° Dolly Track.

  • Lowerable platform (5,30m length)
  • Lateral attachable platform
Low Loader
Unser Kamera Quad Kymco-ATV, Offroad Fahraufnahmen


Our Camquad Kymco ATV with 96 km/h (60 mph) maximum speed.

  • Approval for road service
  • Ideal for usage of steadycam
  • For off-road operations
Camquad Kymco ATV
Fahraufnahmen mit dem Checker Truck als Shotmaker oder Kamerawagen


This vehicle leaves nothing to be desired! Our truck can be used as a “Shot Maker“, applying all common camera positions and optional fitted with the Crane and/or Remote Head.

  • Extremely quick on any kind of soil structures
  • Can be used as a “Shot Maker“
Motorrad Filmaufnahmen mit dem Baby-Trailer


Platform with adapter for bicycles/motorcycle.

  • Minimum heigth: ca. 14,5 cm
Fahraufnahmen für große Fahrzeuge wie einen Rettungswagen mit dem XXL-Trailer


The perfect shot for your project with our state-of-the-art camera vehicles!
Kamera auf dem Scorpio Head für Fahraufnahmen

Scorpio Head

Gyro-stabilized head in 5 axes to control and stabilize the movement of the cinema or television camera. The mechanical and electronic designs make it one of the most sturdy, reliable and advanced in its category.

  • Allows any camera pack up to 45 kg
  • Design and development are from Servicevision
Scorpio Head
Kamera Car Rig für das Auto für die Fahraufnahme


Fast mounting of the camera on every vehicle.

  • Car / Motorcylce
  • Train
  • Boat
  • etc.
Car Rig