The Crew

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About us:

CineCars Fahraufnahmen GmbH is a specialized enterprise for Camcar Tracking Shots. Our team comprises experts with many years of experience in the field of Tracking Shots, Dolly-Grip, Car-Rig and much more.

Take profit by our long lasting film experience that provides an individual, creative and practical realization of Camcar Tracking Shots. To complete our portfolio, our experts offer a wide range of additional service features. Safety is our highest command for all stages of filming and in every phase of our work.

The Crew

Cecilia Chávez Falter

CEO / Business management
Administration, accounting & order processing
Cinecars Fahraufnahmen - Team: Stefan Hummel

Stefan Hummel

Technical Manager & Operator
Scorpio Arm Operator, Precision-Driver, Key-Grip, Remote-Head technician, Scorpio Head technician, Teleskope crane operator (Superscorpio), Crane operator (certificated by BVB), Car-Rig, Truck driver`s license
Cinecars Fahraufnahmen Team: Markus Reichelt

Markus Reichelt

Precision-Driver, Acquisition/provision of vehicles, Automobile and film services, Maintenance of CineCars`s vehicle fleet, Truck driver`s license, Forklift driver`s license
Cinecars Fahraufnahmen Team: Christine Heinrich

Christine Heinrich

Precision-Driver, Key-Grip, Crane operator (certificated by BVB), Car-Rig, Truck driver`s license
Kameramann Manuel Wenger vom Cinecars Fahraufnahmen Team

Manuel Wenger

DOP & Operator
DOP, Remote-Head-Operator
Cinecars Fahraufnahmen Team: Thorsten Simon

Thorsten Simon

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Elektrical Engineering
Expert for sensitive and complicated electro technical challenges

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