Camcar Tracking Shots

CineCars – Bewegung in Perfektion! 

CineCars – Your reliable partner for camcar tracking shots in central Europe

CineCars is a specialized enterprise for camcar tracking shots. Take advantage of our technological innovations, such as for instance our electrical driven E-CineCar. This vehicle moves at an absolute undertone that allows making precious original sound recordings. On the other hand, it can be driven at a velocity of 80 km/h (50 mph), a fact that enabled the official approval for road service. As far as we know, at this stage this is unique in Germany.

In addition, our Shotmaker Ford F250 is our high-motorized solution for quick shots and big superstructures.

Since January 2016 we are the proud owner of a Scorpio Arm, which is „State of the Art“ in the matter of camera cars. It`s very economic, because shots can be changed within a few seconds.

Take profit by our long lasting film experience that provides an individual, creative and practical realization of Camcar Tracking Shots. Please feel free to watch the complete website in order to ascertain the complete scope of benefits.

Safety is our highest command for all stages of filming and in every phase of our work.